Buying Christmas presents from eBay

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So after being asked to write a guide through bzzagent I thought I would give it a go!  I have recently bought about 70% of my kids Christmas presents from china have been waiting a few weeks and 2 have turned up so far from the same seller and to be honest they came a week earlier than estimated!  So judging from these 2 items I can tell you the quality, well bearing in mind these are for a two year old little girl I ordered a frozen purse for 80p and a swimming bag for 1.10, yes the quality isn't that great but for a little stocking filler it isn't too bad considering she won't know any better! 

I am currently waiting for a dress to come which is expected to come in the next week or so, I am a bit skeptical from reading previous guides from other users saying the quality isn't that great however it is a risk you take isn't it?  At such a young age she won't be wearing it for long till she grows out of it anyway. 

Today, a girl from work came in with a lovely new bag with great quality and you would of never of guessed it when she said it was from China off eBay! Everyone was asking for the link, so I checked it out when I got home and for a bargain price of £18 you can't go wrong, so I decided to browse other bags as this gave me an idea for my best friends Christmas present and found a bag for £10 with good reviews - I always look at the reviews when buying something over £5. That isn't expected to arrive for 3 to 4 weeks so I just have my fingers crossed it is as described in the picture.

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