Buying Clothes That Fit

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I have such fun buying clothes on eBay.  Whether it's for something I really want; something I already have but needs replacing; a gift; a special occasion or just some simple inspiration for a fresh look.  The one issue may be the question of will they fit or not.
My preferred option is to stick to buying clothes from brands that I know.  That way I know that that brand may be a little generous or a little tighter on fit and I can be sure that I'm buying the right size.
Alternatively, if there is something I like the look of but I am not sure of the fitting, I will go to the store and actually try on a couple of different sizes, so that I can work out what fits me best.  Although this usually ends up with me seeing more things I absolutely 'must' have and my eBay shopping list gets even longer. So be prepared for this when you set off on a size finding mission.
However, there are always those moments when you just have to buy, regardless.  It's usually worth a gamble but, you can always ask the seller, before buying, if you would be able to return for a replacement or refund if you were unlucky on size.
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