Buying Concert Tickets on Ebay

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My advice to you would be don't do it.
You have no guarentee that the tickets will be real.
If you pay and get the tickets and it turns out that they aren't valid then there isn't muc you can do apart from complain and even then it still isn't certain that you'll get all your money back.

As a seasoned festival and gig goer I would suggest that you use a site like Scarlet Mist.
it's a charity site which enables people to make contact with the people they're buying/selling tickets from/to.
Tickets are only sold at face value so you don't get ripped off and it's easier to contact the person to get a refund if there are problems with the tickets.
Scarlet Mist is recommended by 'Mean Fiddler' (the guys who run the Reading and Leeds Carling Weekends, Download, Benicassim and Latitude festivals) as a good place to buy or sell tickets.

Until ticketing companies get their acts together to sort out good returns procedures for unwanted tickets sites such as 'Scarlet Mist' are the best way to exchange tickets. It avoids the tickets getting in to the hands of touts which can only be a good thing at the end of the day.

Let's beat the ticket touts and make the ticketing industry in its current state make a stand against fans getting ripped off.
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