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Here are some tips in relation to buying Tungsten and Brass Darts, Darts flights, Dartboards, and Darts shafts/stems.....Any darts fan, darts player, or darts enthusiast might find this useful.

''Brass or Tungsten, Slim or Standard Flight..?'' Fear not the answers are located below!

Q) Why are darts made from different percentages of Tungsten?
A) The higher the percentage, the slimmer the the dart will be, resulting in increased higher scoring chances. A 90% tungsten darts will be slimmer than an 85 Tungsten dart and so om. 
To view some 80-90% Tungsten darts please click  Tungsten Darts

Q) What is the difference between Tungsten and Brass Darts?
A) Tungsten is twice as dense and heavy. Barrels made of tungsten will therefore be half the size, resulting in closer grouping and higher scoring. Beginners normally start with brass darts then advance to the more expensive tungsten ranges, once they have developed basic playing skills.
To view some Brass and Tungsten Darts please click  Brass Darts & Tungsten Darts

Q) Why do shafts come in different lengths?
A) Shafts are made of various different materials such as graphite, aluminium and poly-carbonate. The weight and length of the shaft will dictate how the dart performs in flight. 
To see some examples of different shafts please click  Darts Shafts

Q) Why do flights come in different shapes?
A) Wing surface area affects the flight of the dart. As a guide, slim or kite shapes are better on lighter barrels, whilst pear, standard, and vortex shapes are suitable for medium to heavy darts. 
To see some examples of different flights click  Darts Flights

Q) What type of dartboard is best?
A) Steeltip Darts: Bristle boards are best for pubs, clubs and tournament play. Bristle boards are constructed from millions of strands of densely packed compressed sisal. The sisal allows the dart to penetrate the board. The hole created by the dart point will close after the dart is removed. Soft-tip Darts: There are many varieties of board. Battery and mains powered games are suitable for home use and coin operated units for pubs and clubs.
To see some examples of dartboards please click here  Dartboards

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