Buying Digital Cameras

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I have bought and sold  items on ebay for a number of years and am often amazed at the claims made my sellers in relationship to the value of the item being sold.

I need to replace my digital camera and know the model that I want to purchase  Fuji F10.   First thing I do is to see if the model is available at local high street stores such as  Argos, Jessops etc.  I then  check the price at a few online camera stores.

These give prices for the requested  camera of around £150.    Armed with the prices from these sites, I look on ebay to see what items are listed.

Looking through the listings you suddenly see that some of the claims by the sellers regarding items cost are  totally fabricated with the intention to make you think that you are  getting a bargain.   ie:  claiming that the camera is valued at up to £300   when in fact all three of the above stores have the same camera new for approx £150.

Another claim is that the camera cost £200 a year ago !!   Cameras are constantly evolving and what was a high specification model a year ago  has been replaced by newer models,  and resultantly the camera that cost £200 is now on sale for £100....

Remember it is up to you as purchaser to make a considered purchase from ebay or other source and with just a few minutes of your own time could save yourself £££££



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