Buying Equipment Manuals

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There are a number of people on eBay selling manuals for electronic equipment and cameras often at ridiculous prices, DO NOT be tempted to buy from them for a number of reasons.

1. Most manufacturers now have all their manuals FREE to download from their website.
2. Most manufacturers will supply you a paper manual either FREE or for a small fee if the model is current .
3. Most sellers on eBay will have downloaded the electronic version and printed them (probably at the works expense), which is a breach of Intellectual Property rules and copyright laws.
4. Those selling genuine copies of manuals have usually obtained them by selling on the item and keeping the manual to sell separately, which although legal is somewhat underhanded and dirty trick, which can cause inconvenience and additional expense to the buyer of the equipment.

We all know there are low lives on eBay do not encourage them by buying from them. Good eBaying.
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