Buying Euros / leftover holiday money/

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Please people, use your head when buying leftover holiday money / Euros.

I've been looking, thinking i might get some low rate cash to take to france with me when i go there later this week for a day working only to find people are paying way over the current exchange rate.

For example, ended listings include 55 euros worth at todays rate £43.34 sold for £56 + 90p postage, currently there is a listing for 46.60euros worth £33.57 is on £37 + £3 postage with 8 bidders and 6 hours left to go.

So, off i went to tescos and walked out with 35 euros for £31.27

Come on people, anyone want to buy a nice crisp twenty pound note for £23 because thats what you are doing.

The person that paid £59.90 inc post for 55euros would have come away with 63.80euros if they'd got off their bum and gone to Tesco or the post office for their travel currency.

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