Buying Fancy dress outfits for kids

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When they wear them most of the time to do the gardening!

 If you're the owner of any excitable child who loves the idea of dressing up in the context of "business as usual", you may be loathed to spend upwards of £40 on an outfit which looks stunningly perfect on the hanger, but no so great covered in mud, ketchup and mashed up playdough.
My children are a great example of this. My 6 year old has princess friends who wear princess dresses worthy of any royalty, and her friends sit and pretend to have tea parties, and walk around the house, head held high, proudly showing off their princessness.
My daughter, on the other hand, together with her 2 year old sister also loves playing princesses, but her princesses mostly jump on the trampoline after it's been raining, or go hunting for prince worm to kiss in the hope he might turn into Harry Styles. Other princess activities involve decorating cakes, colouring in - not so much on the paper but everywhere else.
And because of this, I shop a bargain. I refuse to pay more than £10 for an outfit which frankly doesn't wash too good in the machine, but will indeed provide hours of fun, until it has been grown out of or destroyed.
The most recent fancy dress requirement is of course Frozen inspired dresses. As the film is a cartoon, the styles of the various dresses can quite easily and rightly vary from dress to dress. I purchased Anna and Elsa dresses for my two daughters on ebay, knowing full well that they will suffice as fantastic christmas gifts, lasting all the way through the winter until the next dressing up craze starts.
If I were buying for my more delicate friends, I would up the quality of the dress and go for something longer lasting.
I hope this guide to dressing up helps!
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