Buying Fashionable Clothing.

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This guide is for those of you wishing to buy good fashionable clothing at reasonable prices and I hope that this information will be of great use to those of you who love to look their best. I sell womens clothing so this guide is aimed at womens clothing.

I am so happy to be here rendering a good service to those of you here looking for bargains and good quality clothing the New&Loved Fashion Warehouse has as one of it's aims to provide fashionable clothing for women at reasonable prices, some items are famous brand names others are up and coming. We source products from wholesalers small clothing stores and other sources, we sell new and secondhand items we prefer to say loved hence the name new and loved.

Those of you new to buying online may find it a bit worrying but there really is no need to be these days, and buying sites like ebay you are in safe hands when paying by paypal, I would always advise newbies to ebay to view the sellers feedback score and also actually read the comments made by other fellow purchasers, it would be also of great benefit if you talk to the buyers who left feedback they will give you an honest view of the seller, many people do not use the email feature enougt I think and you could be missing a trick.

I love doing what I do because for one I like to make my customers happy and two I feel the clothing industry could lower prices, for example you may not know that many of the fashion chains and labels produce their products in countrie where the cost of production is very low, for example you may buy a pair of jeans for £70 but the actual cost to produce could be as little as £5 a pair, it is well known that the clothing sector makes a fortune because of their massive mark-up. This is where the online retailer like New& Loved and other ebay retailers come in as we have lower costs we can then pass the savings onto you.

You may ask why should I buy online? Well the is a very good answer to that, buying online helps to keep the costs of clothing down to you this is because we know about the massive mark-ups due to cheaper labour costs. Also the online retails like us, pick up where the big brands have left as we can move stock very quickly at low cost. There is something you should also consider when buying online and buying in general, and that is the effect on the environment, our store for example sells loved or pre-owned items which in our view is the way of recycling rather than throwing away.

Another thing you should be aware of is the brand or label addiction, addiction?

Yes addiction I have alway found it strange how people will spend a small fortune on an item of clothing just because of the brand or label name, so I will let you into a little secret which is not even that big a secret. The fashion brands most of them do not have there own factories to produce there goods, their goods come from all over the world, the far east for example there are many factories that can produce in great volume and a very low cost. Take any item of clothing look at the label see where the item is made, you can then go online and check the average daily wage for that country, this will give you a good idea of the cost of production. So you may think that there is a big difference between the big and biggest brands the small boutique or high street store, but there is'nt the  fact is that your £80 pair of jeans could come from the same factory that produces the £10 pair of jeans.

So buying online is the best way to go if you want quality and value at a reasonable price, the trend is being set right now, online shopping is getting bigger and bigger by the year and there are new online retailers ready to fill in the gaps in the market.

New and Loved Fashion Warehouse

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