Buying Faux Fur advice for animal lovers!

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Some furry advice based on a recent personal buying experience. 

Do you, like me, have a passion for faux fur / fun fur coats, bags & accessories, and are thinking of buying some online?  Maybe you've spotted a great looking coat listed as 'faux' fur?....Well if, like me, you are vegetarian, a supporter of animal welfare charities & a sucker for small fluffy creatures, I very strongly advise you to ask the seller before you bid to define their own personal understanding of the word 'faux'! 

Or you may end up, as I did today, taking receipt of a coat not made from the expected 100% polyester, but instead made from a collection of furry dead critters sewn together....aargh... Shocking!  I like my furry critters alive & breathing thankyou!  When they die I give them a decent burial, which is what, incidently, I'm going to have to do with this coat of many corpses! 

I must point out here that I'm not condemning anyone for actually buying real fur if thats what they want to do, I'm making the point for anyone who specifically wants fake fur instead of real fur :o)




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