Buying Festival, Event, Concert and Gig tickets safely

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Many times, tickets for events are sold well in advance of the date, very often more than 45 days in advance. The 45 days is VERY relevant, because that is the time limit you have to raise a Paypal claim.

If you buy event tickets for a date longer than 45 days from when you purchased them (paid with Paypal) then you cannot raise a claim to get your money back if the tickets do not arrive or are fake etc.

Also, if you pay for event tickets by any other method than Paypal, such as Postal Order, direct bank transfer, cash in the post etc etc, what are you going to do IF the tickets don't turn up ?

So, is there a solution to this, well yes there is - use a UK based escrow service !

An escrow service acts as a third party, holding your money securely until the tickets arrive and are OK, only then is the ticket seller paid, if no tickets arrive you get your money back.

Does it cost extra to use an escrow service ?

Well yes it does but not a lot, the one I am thinking of  is UK based, been around for a long time and charges £5 or 5% (which ever is the greater) per transaction, a small price to pay, rather that than lose your money entirely.

How do I find this UK based escrow service ?

Google is your friend, search for ' auction escrow service uk '

(Disclosure : I am the owner of the escrow website)

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