Buying Football Programmes

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First things to figure out when buying programmes.

1.  When buying a programme, check to see if the seller has pictures of that which they're selling. 

2.  What's the condition of the programmme you're buying?  If its stained, had something spilled on it, but they're charging you a tenner, its a rip off.  Make sure the seller has given an accurate description of the  product.

3. Is the seller selling in bulk or individually?

4.  Can you get a good deal for buying in bulk and is there a hidden gem within what's being sold.  Like anything, there is scope to get "something for nothing.

5.  What's the postage involved?  Are you getting value for money?

6.  Who takes care of the postage?  Make sure there is no scope for dispute.

Just a few ideas of questions you need to ask yourself when buying programmes on Ebay.  There are a lot of people out there with programmes to sell and history to relive in doing so.  So explore Ebay and you never know you may find a hidden gem.

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