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My first eBay guide as a BzzAgent :)

It can be a daunting prospect, deciding what you need to buy for the arrival of your little one. You may end up buying items and products that never get used which can be a big waste of money. You may also get the feeling that your not ready or prepared as your due date approaches. Ebay is a great place to find pre-loved and new items for your baby without breaking the bank - and is where I did a lot of my shopping before my little man arrived. I have put together a few tips which I have learnt along the way, to hopefully help you out.

Bibs & Muslins

I must stress the fact that you can never have enough bibs or muslin cloths. You may not use the bibs so much to begin with if you have an efficient feeder (doesn't get milk all down their face when feeding) - but as the two month mark approaches they tend to dribble a lot more and but the time you come to weaning you will get through so many. Its probably a good idea to buy plenty of 0-6 months bibs in a range of colours and designs to match with outfits but don't spend too much as they do get ruined easily. 
Muslin clothes are a great item to always have at hand. I keep one by the cot, in my changing bag, on the coffee table, on the high chair - generally anywhere that you may need to grab one at short notice.

Bouncy Chair

Our bouncy chair is still a favourite for my little man (even though hes technically outgrown it now) He has used it so much over the months and used to enjoy taking his morning naps in it when he was a lot younger. I would recommend one that vibrates - as this really helped to sooth and relax him. If it bounces/rocks/swings/lights up etc. then it's really going to keep your baby entertained for hours.


Whether you have a Summer or Winter baby - you will always need tonnes of baby vests which are worn underneath their clothes. You can get sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved depending on the time of year - but it's always a good idea to buy quite a few as you can easily end up going through 2-3 in a day.

Formula/Sterilizer/Bottles/Breast Pump

I had every intention of breast-feeding my son, but after a traumatic birth, tongue tie, failure to latch on and numerous other problems we encountered - we ended up combination feeding. I didn't have any of the above at home for when I came out of hospital as I didn't think I would need them, but it turned out I needed them all! Just something to bear in mind. Also, if you get caught out, then Ebay is a great place to buy as it is all posted right to your door so you don't even need to leave the house - this is where I bought my pump from.

Cotton Wool & Baby Wipes

I bought so much cotton wool in preparation for having a baby - I don't know where the urge actually came from to buy 5 huge bags of balls as well as a big roll of cotton wool too. Most of this never actually got used and I am slowly getting through the second bag - using the balls to take nail varnish off with. Anyway, personally I preferred baby wipes (now these you can never have enough of!) So it's best not to buy too much of something if there's a chance you may not actually use it for that long. I think I used cotton wool for the first week or two and then switched to sensitive wipes.


I found that my little one wasn't really interested in toys until at least 3 months and you really don't need that many. In fact, babies actually seem to really enjoy playing with common household items such as wooden spoons, tv remotes, calculators, shiny/sparkly bits of material and anything that makes a crinkly noise. Out of the toys that I did buy for him, his favourite part has always been sucking on the label! I think he finds this relaxing and calming so this is always good to have in mind when picking a toy or teddy out.  I would like to add that it's a good idea to have a few toys for your baby to play with in the bath too, we have a rubber ducky and a soft brush that my little man loves to play and splash with at bath time and I'm just off to have a look on Ebay for a few more :)

Thanks for reading, hope this has been of use to someone. I wish I'd known some of these things beforehand! 
Best wishes, BzzAgent Claire2804 x
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