Buying French Perfume

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Forget the big perfume houses such as Dior and Chanel, they can survive on their over inflated prices. If you ever have the opportunity to shop in France I always find that French perfume is a great buy. A good place to look is on the supermarket shelves. You will find that it is here that the real French women buy their perfumes. Some good makes include Lomani, and especially Jeanne Arthes who designs beautiful bottles to contain them. My daughter picked up a jolly citrus scented Bourjois for €5! These make great gifts for Christmas or yourself. If like me you change your perfume to match the mood, outfit or occasion, then there is a great selection to be had. I personally returned with eleven different fragrances this year. Prices range from about €5 a bottle to about €9 on average (£3 to £7) approx. So on your next holiday or 'booze cruise' give it a look. Take a look below to see some samples!



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