Buying From Abroad - The Postage Scam

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Buying from Abroad - The Postage Scam 

Have you noticed the huge amount of items with incredibly high postal insurance and postage costs? Yes? This guide gives you the do's and don't's and how to avoid being scammed

High Postage

Sellers from abroad, especially China have very high postage costs on their listings, not to mention thse postal insurance prices. They mostly crop up on Mp3 and Mp4 players. The postage from China should be around £13 (that is what DHL shipping acctually costs for an item like that), so be aware if you are being overcharged for postage. If you ask the seller for the weight of an item you can check on a courier's website and get back to the seller, telling them how much it really costs! Or you could avoid the seller all together - best option! Items are often of a very low quality and break easily. Attemting to get a refund from one of these sellers is a lengthly and frustrating process, and because the item arrived PayPal can't help. Remeber that even if an item doesn't arrive, the PayPal buyer protection will not help because the seller will give a tracking number.

High Insurance

Don't be fooled by the required postal insurance. This is just another way of getting more and more money from you. Believe me, when you try and claim, you get so many excuses - "I will send again...", "Sorry, refund coming" - get the drift. The insurance you pay for is non existant an any sellers with required insurance should be avoided.

The High Feedback

The seller's feedback is so high - not only because they keep scamming but also because they have bought thousands of 1p auctions to boost feedback. Check my eBook guide for more on that. Don't ALWAYS trust feedback.

Do's and Don't's

  • DO: Buy items from UK sellers
  • DO: Check how much postage should really cost
  • DO: Stay away from sellers with required insurance
  • DO: Check feedback, don't just trust the number or PowerSeller icon
  • DON'T: Buy at first immpression
  • DON'T: Trust all sellers you come across
  • DON'T: Trust postage times - allow a few weeks more than quoted (They call it a customs problem!)

GOLDEN RULE: Know your seller...

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