Buying From Ebay

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Where To Start.

First of all I need you to know that I am writing this as part of a BzzAgent campaign.

I must say I love a bargain, and that's what drives me to Ebay.  When searching for something, try to be as specific as possible. Use filters where necessary, as that seems to be a big help in how I find bargains.
You must have patience, as impulse buying won't get you many bargains. Although sometimes you just gotta have it! 
Once you have found whatever it is your heart desires, be sure to check out the seller information (feedback, location etc). Unfortunately on the odd occasion I have thought I was buying from a UK seller (as they had a UK address), but the goods I then received were shipped from abroad. The reason I say this is due to the length of time it takes to get your item, but also not every country has the same safety standards etc, and you don't want to be caught short if the item is for a child or someone vulnerable.

Get The Goodies

Once you have decided on the goods you want, it could be a race against time to get it.
A lot of people tend to wait until a listing is coming to the end before placing a bid, whereas some people register interest straight away. Unfortunately only you can decide what type of buyer you are.  Patience certainly pays off if you are wanting a bargain, however that doesn't always work. They say the best time to buy from Ebay is a Sunday evening, as that seems to be when a lot of listings seem to end. I personally visit Ebay whenever the mood takes me, and still manage to get some bargains. 
It is very much pot luck on here. I wish you well, and hope you find many bargains.

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