Buying From Us

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Make sure that you have selected the correct size for you, we display out measurements in XL, L, M, S format. If in doubt head over to the brand name's website to check their fit meant guide.

If you want to have the item delivered to your door the next day, make the order in the morning the day before you want it to arrive. If you order:


then you are likely to receive your item the very next day.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

All out items will be inspected before they are sent to you and packaged neatly for your appreciation.

Being a new business we pride ourselves in keeping you the customer satisfied and coming back to us for more! Thats why we offer deals such as 35% and free P&P on any selected t-shirt after we've seen you've bought from us 6 times!! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel confident in purchasing items from us, we are a friendly business who value your custom who try to gaurantee your satisfaction in PRICE, QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE.
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