Buying Frozen Toys on Ebay

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Please be aware of the many fake frozen toys flooding the market at the moment they are often very cheap but not necessarily safe nor fit for purpose!

Many don't adhere to our toy safety standards and are often poor quality!

We are all out to get a bargain especially with the astronomical amount that some high street retailers charge for a toy simply because it has the newest character emblazoned across it. But is it really worth putting our children at risk?

My top 5 tips when buying:

1. Always look at feedback buyers are pretty candid when it comes to criticizing products/service.

2. Research the item you are after. If something is costing £19.99 in the disney store and £1.99 on ebay you can pretty much guarantee that it is not authentic.

3. Scrutinize the pictures. You can more often than not see if the items are going to be bad quality.

4. Go with your gut instinct. If it seems too good to be true it probably is!

5. If you do happen to order something that you are not happy with don't hesitate to contact ebay and open a case.

Written as part of a bzzagent campaign 
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