Buying Funny T Shirts for men and women.

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Me and my girlfriends have just got back from my hen party weekend in a posh hotel. It was amazing! The hotel was superb – we spent most of the time having beauty treatments and drinking cocktails by the pool – but the best thing about the weekend, the one thing that made it really special and memorable, was that one of my girlfriends had arranged funny t shirts for us all! She’d been to Total-Tees and got us all different types, each with an individual funny slogan on, to match our own distinctive personalities!
My  t-shirt was of course pink, as I’m such a natural princess, and the slogan on it was perfect for me too: “Drama Queen”! I’m thinking of taking it with me on honeymoon, but don’t tell Andy my fiancé! There were some other classic ones too, such as “48% Angel, 52% Bitch” which was ideal for my best friend Donna (sorry sweetie) and the one that said “I May Be Wrong But It’s Highly Unlikely” – everybody wanted that one! There were some ruder ones as well which I can’t tell you about on here but suffice to say they had us in stitches. We just had to make sure we didn’t wear them in polite company such as the hotel restaurant!
These t shirts are such good fun and such high quality too that I’m definitely going to recommend Total-Tees to my fiancé Andy for his stag do. They’ve got loads of funny mens t shirts which Andy and the lads will love, like “Eat, Sleep, Fart, Repeat” (no comment Andy!), “You Pleb”, “Brain Engaging” and “Instant Idiot Just Add Lager” – I won’t name names guys, you all know who you are! They’re guaranteed to break the ice and get everyone in the mood.
Total-Tees has free delivery on all UK orders too so it’s cost effective as well as being a great and original idea. Everyone loves a good laugh and it’s important to let your hair down and be silly once in a while, and remember guys: girls LOVE a man with a sense of humor, especially if he can laugh at himself, so one of these t shirts could be the making of you! Seriously though, the Total-Tees webpage on eBay is worth a good browse as they’re the perfect present with Christmas just around the corner!
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