Buying GTA IV - A 60 second Summer 2008 Guide

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This guide is a rough introuduction to buying GTA IV (PS3 or Xbox 360) during Summer 2008

The game has sold out in a lot of stores and those that have stock are selling it for £50. Because of this, eBay sales are hitting the £45 (inc postage) so it's not the ideal place to bag a bargain.

One suggestion is to use Amazon or where you can grab GTA IV for £40 - £45 roughly. this depends on their stock however and you could end up paying £5 for postage.

My Tip: Many eBayers don't sell items accurately. I bought my version of GTA IV for PS3 for only £33 a week after release. Here's how i got it and how you can too;

1. Many eBayers don't complete item specifics so don't use the "Buy" tab or the options down the left - simple use the search box

2. Using the Search Box - Again, many eBayers don't spell their items very well or completely. Utilise the search box to filter our unwanted items but keep a title that is likely to draw hits. For example, my search was: "GTA -grand -san -xbox -stories -3" This meant that it only returned results that had GTA in the title but didn't return older GTA games such as San Andreas or Liberty City Stories.

3. As a consequence I found someone selling GTA IV as "GTA 6"....and that was that pretty much. Why do this? Because these auctions get lost and filtered out of typical searches which means less people see them.

Good Luck!

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