Buying Games Workshop Miniatures of ebay

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Hi there fellow miniatures fans!

Let me say that I am writing this guide because I have been using ebay to buy citadel miniatures for around six months now and have come across a few minor niggles.

Firstly, I have reguarly seen sellers charging way over the price odds for certian minis or box sets and I am here to say please be wary of it. The fact is (for example) in games workshop your typical plastic foot soldier set is around £15, yet I have seen people trying to palm them off for nearly twice that in some instances! My point is if in doubt always check prices elsewhere. A good idea is use the 'watch item' feature and then check and compare all the search results you find. At the end of the day, people can charge what they wish, but you don't have to pay prices that are over the odds.

Secondly, ALWAYS CHECK THE ITEM NAME AND PICTURE. I can't stress this enough, ecspecially with lord of the rings miniatures. There has been many times that I have seen somebody advertising what they call Aragorn for example and the picture turns out to be Gollum or who knows what. It's frightening! I know people make mistakes and  not everyone is familiar with characters or wargaming, but to us purchasers and gamers it's a very specific business. Again if in doubt either compare the listing picture to the games workshop websites model gallery or get hold of a collectors catalogue and do it yourself.

Thirdly, to those people out there that list models as 'rare' when they are not and try to charge a small fortune for them, check your facts because one day someone will complain. The games workshop Bilbo miniature is NOT rare at all, you can order it from the GW website or even get it on the shelves in most of their stores, I have 2 sitting at home spare that were given to me so they can't possibly be rare. There are certian limited or special editions that are rare but again, check, compare and in 99% of cases a so called rare mini from GW almost certianly isn't.

Well, thanks for reading and I hope my article helps you avoid some of these pitfalls and saves you time and money. Shop safe, stay smart and happy gaming!




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