Buying Games on eBay

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With the increase of gaming as a hobby, more and more games are available on eBay. However, with any digital technology, piracy is a viable option for most people. As you know, this costs developers and programmers money. So this guide is to help you not get caught out with the products.

First of all, pirated games. Yes, eBay don't allow them, but some will still try to sell it. If you aren't sure, please don't even consider buying it, but take the appropriate action. There are lots of easily persuaded people, and I really hope that you aren't one of them. They sometimes don't work, and they don't give you the pleasure of having the box to stroke with pride.

Secondly, the increase of Piracy has forced developer to take some drastic action. Serial numbers are now unique to each PC, and some games require an internet registration to check that.the serial number isn't being mis-used. Any game that involves online play is one which will use a similar process. However, new games like Bioshock and Half-Life are after internet registration, even though you'll never take it online. So check with the seller. If its a Buy It Now, you should be fine. However, I have been caught by people selling Battlefield 2142 without mentioning the needed registration. Check on a site which sells new games (Amazon and Play are examples) and check properly. If you still want the game even though you have to register, you have two choices:

  1. Contact the seller and explain the situation nad ask either for a refund or their account details (Yes, that looks dodgy. Don't ask for it straight away, wait until they reply)
  2. Contact the game's producer. Check properly, but the best solution is to google the game's name. Look for the official site and then you should be able to contact them.

Play well, and play safe

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