Buying Genuine Car Parts on eBay

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Firstly there are many many people selling parts on eBay, some of which are genuine, some of which are not which is fine if you were not looking for a genuine part but some of these sellers do claim the item is genuine

Why should i buy genuine parts?

This one is up to you, genuine parts are often more expensive but there are several reasons why i would always choose genuine parts over the cheaper aftermarket products:
  • If your vehicle is under any sort of warranty the manufacturer usually insists that you use only genuine parts
  • A better fit - may of the cheaper parts do not fit correctly for example body panels which leave too much space between them and the adjoining panel
  • Better quality - obviously  there are some good quality parts out there that may not be genuine but the manufacturers parts are usually higher quality - You get what you pay for!

What should i look for?

  • Sellers with good feedback - check feedback to see what comments other buyers have made, they may well comment on whether the part was genuine
  • Good photographs, Most genuine sellers will have good photographs, often with pictures of the genuine box or some evidence of the manufacturers label
  • Good part information - part numbers, manufacturers retail price etc may indicate that the seller knows about what they are selling and provides you with part numbers so you can make sure it is definitely the part you need

What to watch out for?

  • Sellers with bad feedback regarding the quality of their goods
  • Sellers who cannot give information such as part number
  • Sellers who refuse to show you pictures of the item
  • Items that are TOO CHEAP - with the exception of obsolete parts you will nearly always have to pay more for the genuine parts, if someone is selling a non obsolete item at 10% of what your dealer is charging BEWARE its probably too good to be true!
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