Buying Golf Tees

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Wooden vs Plastic

When buying golf tees i always like to stick to wooden. They are generally cheaper and i prefer the quality as sometimes with plastic you will find seem lines and bumpy cups interfering with your shot. I like to buy in packs of one hundred and they are usually very cheap and if you don't like them, you haven't waisted hundreds of pounds on golf tees.


I always like to buy my tees in white as again they are usually cheaper and they don't make you look a fool of the course. You can white tees in nearly every shape and size. 


When looking what size of tee to buy, look what size your clubs are, the best length of tee is generally 2 1/3 inch and it is small enough for you 5 iron but to small for your 500cc driver. Most people prefer not to go with castle tees as you do not have as much flexibility in terms of how far you can push it into the ground.

I hope this guide has been helpful. If it has please make sure to head over to my store and give me a follow. The link below will take you to my golf tee listing. I try and give the best customer satisfaction and with my 100% positive feedback it seems to be working. Happy Buying.
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