Buying Govinder Nazran art on eBay

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Sadly Govinder passed away over Christmas 2008, and my thoughts are with his wife Sarah and of course Eden.  To say I am devasted is an understatement, as someone who loves his art, and has enjoyed it considerably over the last 10 years, it is quite simply a tragic loss.

Sarah if you are reading this, I am truly sorry,
Suz x
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As my favourite artist is Govinder Nazran, it really bugs me when peeps sell cards and prints as limited editions when they are not!  It is easy to be caught out, especially if buying art for someone as a gift. 

A little bit about Art and its forms
Only Giclee, Canvas and lithographs (usually) and sculptures have limited editions - a quick call to Washington Green (Govinder's publicist) is also an idea if you are going to purchase his work,  as they can tell you exactly when that painting/picture was released to which gallery and what the COA number is (Certificate of Authenticity)

Be very wary of purchasing art without its COA, a true collector guards this like gold dust, as without it is is very difficult to prove the provenance of a painting (which reminds me - never keep the painting and the COA together).

If you accidentally damage your COA, a quick call to Washington Green will sort it, but they will possibly want the original back - this is to prevent fraud.

If your painting is stolen, it is worth letting Washington Green, the Police and in the case of an original the auction houses know.

If you would like a list of Govinders words from start to 2005, please send me a message - and I will email it to you, also if you can complete this list from gallery records (no guesses!) then I would love to hear from you, and if you are a Govinder enthusiast - do drop me a line :)

Happy shopping
Suz xx
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