Buying Guide For jewellery And Diamonds

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As a honest and reliable jewellery seller on ebay, I wanted to make buyers aware that there is a growing trend of sellers that are selling poor quality jewellery and Diamonds.

I could write a book about buying diamond jewelley there is so much to cover on this subject. Any diamond jewellery comming from china has to be treated with caution full stop......Even I have been caught out by these little men. most of the diamonds comming from china are fake  and so is the so-called 18ct gold mounts and rings. They are even stamped to make you think they are real...yet you can still find them for sale on ebay, and to add insult to it all you are likely to be charged a inport fee with the customs and excise, this fee alone with  more than the jewellery itself, as the fake diamond ring ect will only be worth pennys. In short I would like to help buyers, by saying  avoid any diamond or gold jewellery from china as it is most likley to be fake.


1/ Read all the listing even the small print

2/ If in doubt message the seller

3/ if the price seem far too low, take care

5/ If buying diamonds a good policy is to ask for a certification of the quality, this will give you quality details of the diamond you have purchased.such as colour,cut and carrat.

6/ Last but not least check sellers feedback. This is normaly a good indicator of the sellers reliability.

I really hope you have found this of great help in your purchase of jewellery .

Kind Regards



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