Buying Guide: Real Leather Sofas & Chairs

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Adding a real leather sofa and chairs to your living room can bring great style, if you choose carefully.

Real Leather
Do you want a sofa made from real cow leather?

If you do, then take care to read eBay offers, otherwise you could make an expensive mistake. There are plenty sofas and chairs for sale on eBay which may appear to be real leather, but are described as: like leather, leather style or faux-leather. These chairs are not made from real cow leather at all, but often from cheap PVC.

To find sofas and chair made from real leather, use search terms such as real leather or black real leather sofa, but still read the offers very carefully, because some sellers will have the words like: real leather, in their titles to try and mislead the eBay search engine.

Look for known brands such as Lazy Dog or others that you know.

What Size?
Identifying what you like can be fairly simple.

Check the measurements quoted in the offer. If the offer doesn’t show the width, depth or height of the chair, then send a query to the seller for more details.

When you have the measurements to hand, you can check the space in your living room to make sure they will fit.

Just as important, is deciding whether a large two or three seater sofa will fit through the living room door, or round awkward corners. The last thing you will want, is furniture stuck round a corner or finding it is impossible to put the sofas where you want.

Shipment & Delivery
Lounge furniture is generally large and heavy. Expect to receive them on a special courier service, where you will have to sign for receipt. Some couriers will provide a driver and mate who will offload for you. Others may need you to help.

Check the delivery carefully before signing the courier’s sheet. Look for any damage to the packaging or the item itself if you can see it. If you are in the slightest doubt, sign the courier sheet as: Unchecked, or Damage to packaging. This will help the supplier to solve any issues discovered when your new real leather chair of sofa is unwrapped. Don’t expect the courier to unpack for you.

Read the offer from the seller to see how long shipment is likely to take. It may take three of for days before your new chairs and sofas actually leave the seller. This is often because the carriers only collect the heavy items once a week. The actual delivery will then take several more working days, excluding weekends and holidays.

In Summary
1. Check offers carefully
2. Is it really leather?
3. Is the sofa or chair too big?
4. Will it fit through the door!
5. be patient on delivery. Furniture is heavy and awkward to ship
6. Enjoy your new real leather sofa and chairs!

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