Buying HP Pavillion laptops

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we wanted to bring the attention of a particular laptop model that shown the same fault in the last 2 years. The HP Pavillion DV Series We have been repairing a large number of the DV2, DV6 and DV9 series laptops made by HP these laptops look great even today, their specs and design for the buck compared to other makes is fantastic but there is a hidden fault in some of them, infact a large number of them. The fault occurs after your warranty ends, where the laptop powers on but nothing will appear on the screen, this is now a classic fault with most hp laptops due to the graphic chip that overheats. the problem occurs after the heatsink had collected dust that blocks its air-vents, the components stop getting air to cool down and eventually overheat then give up. The only permanent repair is either to replace the motherboard which can cost a lot of money or use a Reballing Service which removes the solder from the components and replace is with new one. this service is rare in the UK and we consider ourselves the very few who offer it at low prices. It is quite normal for laptops to collect dust, they must be serviced at least once a year however most laptops are protected against overheating except hp DV series didn't tend to be, once it reachs high tempretures it doesn not shut down automatically or give any warnings so here's few tips when buying a used hp from ebay: 1) Contact the seller and ask if the laptop had dust removal recently. 2) Ask the seller if he can give out readings of the laptop's temperature by using speedfan software for free. 3) If the laptop did not have a recent clean inside, either do it yourself or you can let us do it for you. 4) Makesure your bios version is up to date. A non overheating laptop has a maximum temperature of 70c, where an overheating one would reach over 100c on both Graphic Processing Unit and Processor. The only way to clean the hp series is by taking it apart and removing the dust from inside of the heatsink which means using an air-can won't help at all. These are only guidelines, Parcel Guru is a repair company that has been offering all types of laptop repairs in the uk on Ebay
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