Buying Hand made carpets

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JPLAVIAN Oriental Rugs & CarpetsAt the moment is the best time for purchasing your Hand made Oriental or Persian carpet, that you have always dreamed of. The prices are very very reasonable and on many cases the hand made rugs are cheaper than the wall to wall carpets. They are easier to clean and are portable and one can move them to the new house or flat. The most important thing is they become part of the heirloom of a family. But before the actual purchase there are a few thing that one should have in mind. To the best of my knowledge the steps are as follow:

1- First find a reputable dealer or agent.

2-Find the carpet that you would like to buy. After all it is you that have to live with it. It is no good to buy a carpet that might be very good quality and good price and so on if you do not like the pattern or colour of it. So the best is to find a rug that you really like. Quality, price and origin are secondary. 

3- Contact the seller if you would like to know a bit more about the carpet that you like and ask any question that you would like to know about the rug.

4- Consider the Quality and the origin of the carpet. Normally the most famous carpets are from Persia and all other major producer countries are after that. But this dose not mean that those countries produce bad carpets. Every region or country has very good, good and average quality carpet.

5- Consider the price of the rug. Not always the cheap is bad or expensive is good. The price of a rug must be reasonable and close to reality. That is why one always should buy from reputable dealer or agent.

6- Find out about the return policy of each seller. Normally you should be able to send the carpet back within 14 days of the purchase and get the refund (Minus the shipping and insurance costs).

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