Buying Health & Safety Powerpoint Presentations on Ebay

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Buying Health & Safety Training Products on Ebay

First things first


  • Cheapest is not best! - You get what you pay for in this life if it sounds too good to be true ... it probably is!

  • Avoid buying where the seller is emailing the presentation or it is an E-book - It is likely to be small and unprofessional, hence useless!
  • Avoid sellers with no picture showing on the listing search! - They are so cheap they wont pay 15p for an image! Imagine what the actual product will be like - maybe just as cheap and nasty?
  • Avoid sellers who offer massive compilations with 200 or 400 or more powerpoints - they are are a combination of rubbish or are US versions which are not applicable in the uk and are free downloads anyway!

  • Avoid sellers who are regularly suspended or banned from ebay and/or crop up under another name - There is a reason they keep getting suspended or banned! Often they take up much of their listings telling you how good they are, that no onle else has their skills and that they sell to govt and large organisations, that they dont beleive H&S should be expensive etc.

  • You can ussually spot a seller of poor quality items by the cartoony pictures on their CD's or showing listing pictures which dont even show you the product you will receive! - Often they show cheap cd-r's with amateurish images in full colour or pictures loosely relating to the subject matter that they have stolen the copyright from the internet!

  • Massive quantities of slides! - Some sellers create massive presentations with literally hundreds and hundreds of slides, ussually low quality, with low resolution images that blurr to become unusable when projected. They boast about the number of slides, but hey, what good is 200 slides that are so bad they are unprojectable! You end up with DEATH by powerpoint for your trainees!
  • Buy one get one free or other multiple offerings - There is a reason these sellers have to make the offers! It doesnt take much working out. The offerings may be low quality/out of date and therefore they HAVE TO MAKE OFFERS IN ORDER TO SELL TO THE UNWARY!
  • Cheap listings with expensive postage! - The way ebay charges fees means they are ripping you off to get more profit from the postage charges! Often sellers charge twice for postage just slipping two cds without proper packaging into an envelope!

Look for:-

  • Sellers who have been selling for many years - Who have not repeatedly changed their name or keep selling under different names.

  • Sellers who show you the product and give good descriptions of contents - Long listings boasting about how good their products are and who they say they have sold to prove nothing! The disc should be shown along with a slide showing typical quality and a compact to the point statement of the content.

  • Sellers who package the products professionally! - There is no excuse for not having professional packaging materials! A cd should be in a purpose designed sleeve and be packed in purpose designed mailers - these are designed to be posted. Cheap clam shells and plastic sleeves are NOT! Look for sellers who show you or tell you that items are professionally packed!

  • Sellers who dont have to offer buy one get one free to get sales - Reputation sells on ebay! Buy quality presentations on seperate discs the apparent saving is a false economy! The reality is the seller is just putting presentations you should have got seperately onto one disc making more profit for them - damage the disc and you lose the lot!
  • Sellers who offer quality cd's with individual serial numbered discs! Avoid sellers who just show a plain cd or a one printed with stolen images/cartoons and drawings on it - choose one like this instead!

  • Look for POWERSELLERS! - Ebay dont award this lightly but beware ensure that the powerseller status has been gained by selling the product you are buying and not by selling rubbish e-books etc.

Link to ebay powerseller

  • Look for sellers who specialise in selling Health & Safety Training cd's - Check what they are listing and check their feedback to verify past history.
  • Look for sellers who dont rip you off on postage! You cant get better than FREE postage and you dont have the hassle of having to email and ask for postage discounts on multiple orders!

Link click on view items for sale on page - All H&S cd's FREE postage!

  • Look for sellers with good scores on the new feedback system! A good seller will score well on all sections!

We wish you luck (NB you wont need luck of you choose wisely) and happy Ebaying!

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