Buying Helmet cameras.

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If you are looking for a helmet camera then you'll notice there are quite a few types for sale. If you are reading this looking for a recommendation then the 4Kam cameras are a great buy.  I bought a plastic 'all-in-one' camera from the states originally which looked good until it arrived. It was far too big to use on a helmet without looking silly but I went ahead and gave it a go. We went riding out in the peak district and when we got home were looking forward to seeing the filming. It wasn't exactly what we'd hoped for as not only were the colours were wrong and the film was jerky too. Anyhow we looked what else was available and chose the 4Kam. It was much more like what we'd hoped for in terms of size and style and the stuff we've filmed with it is just amazing. Not only have we used it as a helmet camera we've also hidden it behind the grill on our audi when we did the nurbergring! There are quite a few in the same style as the 4Kam but if you look at the quality and the pricing its pretty damn good. Happy filming!
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