Buying Hewlett Packard Printer Ink Cartridges on Ebay

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Last year, I bought a few Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridges and bid quite high for a black ink cartridge which was not in a box and not in a cellophane wrapper.  If I recall, I paid around £18 or £19 pounds for this black ink cartridge and did not know much about them then as I had just bought a new printer.  The cartridge had received many bids and around 15 people had placed bids on this unboxed HP ink.  Two weeks ago my printer ran out of black ink completely, so I changed the print cartridge in the printer to the one I had bought on Ebay late last year and after adding the unsealed cartridge the printer gave out a message that the ink cartridge was empty and needed changing!  The seller had used the black ink cartridge and then stuck the the label back into position making it look as though the cartridge had never been used and proceeded to sell the used cartridge as new on Ebay.  Very clever, and I fell for it....LOL 

After comparing the weight of the old cartridge to a brand new one I had taken from a sealed box, there was no real difference in the weight, the seller may have added some water to the cartridge to make it seem as though it was a full ink cartridge. 

It is worth saying that this unboxed print cartridge could have damaged my printer which is worth £400 brand new from Hewlett Packard.

Anyway, when buying Hewlett Packard ink cartridges on Ebay, make sure they come in a sealed box and email the seller to ask.  Inside the sealed box, the cartridge should also be sealed in a plastic cellophane wrapper.  Also, look out for the words "Original" and "Genuine" when buying Hewlett Packard ink cartridges on Ebay.  In the listing, look out for the expiry date and check to see that the ink comes in a sealed box to avoid disappointment, and to avoid damage to your printer.


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