Buying Highly Desirable Laptops and Mobile Cell Phones

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Highly Desirable Electricals

There are a lot of highly desirable electricals for sale on ebay but how do you know you're going to get what you've won/bought? how do you know you're going to recieve anything at all?.

The older members of Ebay will remember the epidemic of Chinese Scammers in 2005, i myself just avoided being scammed by the skin of my teeth after i won a "Brand New" Toshiba Qosmio for £279 (i know i know i should have known)

The typical items that are high risk purchases on Ebay are mainly the latest Mobile/Cell Phones and the worst of all LAPTOPS/NOTEBOOKS.

This is a simple step by step guide to buying the above high risk items.


  1. First of all search for the specific item eg Toshiba laptop.

  2. Narrow the results you get (under the search options tab) by entering the highest price you are willing to pay

  3. Narrow the results again by selecting to display only the items in your location, being in the uk the only countries i will buy from are the USA,Western European Countries and Australia, obviously the further away the item is the longer its going to take to get too you thus there is more that can go wrong, also it is wise to consider the language barrier.

  4. Narrow the results further by selecting NEW items only


Now you should have a pretty secure list of items to choose from, now heres the steps to choosing a good seller and item.

  1. FEEDBACK FEEDBACK FEEDBACK, this step is crucial check the sellers feedback look for unhappy buyers and compare the amount of positive feedback to the amount of negative (if any). This may also show up wether the seller bought the item on ebay and is trying to pass it onto you! for some reason?.

  2. ITEM DESCRIPTION always read the description to the letter, many sellers will try to hide that the item is "AS NEW" (which is NOT brand new) buried in the small print or even worse a returned item, they will class them usually from A-D with A being the best, if you don't mind risking your money at least make sure the item is CLASS A.

  3. DOCUMENTATION Always try to get an item that has its original documents and most importantly a valid warranty, the manufacturer warranty on a laptop is usually 1 year from date of purchase

  4. PACKAGING look for the items that come in their original boxes, (check below for the reason behind this)

  5. PAYMENT METHOD, Paypal is the most secure way of paying especially if both you and the seller are VERIFIED, this means you will be covered to the tune of £500, in the uk POSTAL ORDERS are also a pretty secure way to pay, NEVER accept WESTERN UNION a few years back thousands of Ebayers were ripped off through this system, you send your money and never recieve anything and you cannot get your money back.


If you follow these steps you should be fine although below is a few things you should look out for

  • If the item is extremely cheap then it is almost definatly a scam (or broken)

  • If they are advertising an item that is not even on the market in your country then its best to avoid

  • If the listing says contact an email address instead of the ebay ask seller a question tab, then it usually means THE ACCOUNT HAS BEEN STOLEN.

  • avoid 24 hour listings, this used to be the scammers favourite listing method (allows them to scam people before Ebay can remove the listing)

  • if they are selling an item that includes no original packaging, no charger cables and no manuals it may be stolen and these days most electrical items are registered as stolen using their serial numbers so the authorities can establish if the item is stolen very quickly. (you can be prosecuted for handling stolen goods)

I hope this has been helpful to you


mr-headworthy (mike)



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