Buying Hosting on Ebay

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Buying hosting for your website

The fact is anyone can offer hosting these days, all a user needs is a reseller hosting account, that are being sold all over ebay, and you buy web hosting for a few pounds or dollars per month or even year, and you think you are getting a great deal.

It all goes sweet for a few months, then you find that your hosting account vanishes, and you lose all your data, this is because the person you have hosted with has either not paid their bills and has been cut off, or wants space on server for new customers

ive seen it alot with new customers coming to our hosting that have lost accounts and asking why

The best thing to do to see if your hosting company is legit is to do a search on google for their company name to see if they have been established for long, look at the companies feedback, if they have many negative feedback for their hosting service then avoid.

Do a whois search on their domain name. Then look for the creation date of the domain name. If the domain name was created less then a year ago it's more of a risk to join that hosting company. They could be a great host, but considering more then 95% of new hosts go out of business within a year that really isn't something you should be taking a chance on. It's too easy to become a hosting company. All someone has to do is join our reseller plan and they are now a host. Sure the hosting may be good, but that doesn't mean they are going to provide good support nor does it mean they are going to pay their hosting bill. We end up kicking resellers of ours all the time for not paying their bills (after many warnings) and in many cases their unsuspecting customers lose their site.

You could also test the speed of a host's network to your location by...

Clicking start > run > type in "command" enter, and then type "ping" wait for it to finish and look for the average ping. The lower the number the better, and chances are the faster your site will load if you should host with them. Any number around an 80 average would be good. Anything over 100 is very bad (unless you're living in another country from where the host is based.)


If a hosting company claims 100% uptime they are lying. All servers need to be rebooted every now and then for security and software updates. If they never reboot that means their server is insecure and they will eventually be hacked.

When a company guarantees an uptime, that doesn't make it true. A host has as many uptimes as they have servers. It all depends on what server they put you on, and how well they manage it from the time you're put on it. We guarantee a 99.9 uptime but that does not mean we will hit it every month for eternity. Our guarantee means we give you a 100% refund for the month if we should not hit it. Many hosting companies will give you a prorated refund based on the amount of downtime. So say you pay $10 for a month of hosting and your site is down for 24 / hours. They will refund you for one day of downtime which ends up being about 33 cents. A guarantee is worthless! What is worth something is how they define the guarantee, and if they do in fact honor it.

We offer a great hosting service and have done for years, so if you want a good service look at our auctions

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