Buying Hypnotherapy CD's on e-bay

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Hi, My name is Mike Griffiths and I am a Practicing Hypnotherapist in Cardiff South Wales. I see a number of Hypnotherapy CD's up for bid on e-bay, but very few actual Hypnotherapists. Myself and a few other Registered Hypnotherapists offer CD's which can be customised for your particular concern. For example my FIGHT PHOBIAS AND FACE FEARS WITH APPROVED HYPNOTHERAPY and my USE APPROVED HYPNOTHERAPY FOR VIRTUALLY ANY PROBLEM are both produced with your specific concern in mind. Simply bid on the item and e-mail me and I will produce the CD. I also have an "online clinic" which can be accessed by going to my Store or my About Me page and clicking on either of the Chatsy links. The first one is a free for all chat where anyone can come and go as they please, the second is a more personal, 1-2-1 chat where you will need to e-mail me for a password to gain access. This ensures that no-one without the (specific to you) password can interrupt our conversation. This is all an "added extra" for you to truly confront your concerns with my CD's and a private chat, should you so desire. Get your money's worth. In Hypnotherapy, YOU are the most important person to consider. I run a people ahead of profit Clinc as do many Hypnotherapists listed within the pages of e-bay.

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