Buying Incense

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I have been buying incense for a few years now I like the lingering fresh exotic smells that only incense can create. When you want to create an ambiance of relaxation or freshness then incense is the way to go. 

Incense varies in strength and one smell that appeals to others may not appeal to you the main manufacturers of incense are japan and india although american companies like stamford are creating some amazing incense.

Japanese incense is much more subtle and I believe the Japanese are masters at creating incense probably due to the offerings in shinto and bhuddist temples so they have it down to an art form. When buying start with the popular incense and buy a few different fragrances the floral ones are probably the best ones to start with as you enjoy them note the smells you prefer.

Once you pick a preference you like you should try the mid range incense which uses more exotic ingrediants from oils and bark of trees the difference is amazing in the range of incense you can purchase. 

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