Buying Jordans on ebay

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Buying jordans on ebay is a risky game with all the fakes going around, I have created a 10 step guide to making sure you get the REAL DEAL. If you are looking to buy a pair of Air Jordans, then make sure you read this 10 step guide before you make a purchase as these products are expensive. 
  1. Receipt - Make sure your new jordans are going to come with an purchase receipt. Make sure it is either from a known store such as - Footlocker, JD, Foot asylum or house of hoops. You can also get a online purchase receipt from online stores such as nike.
  2. Boxes - Make sure the box your jordans are coming with is the original box, you can check the model online and make sure the box is the original box it is supplied with [unless stated otherwise by the seller] 
  3. Logos - Make sure your Jumpan logo is in the correct position as other models and the stitching is correct.
  4. Research - DO NOT RUSH, you are going to be spending a lot of money on a pair of sneakers so make sure you do your research. You can easily buy a fake pair and not know the difference, make sure you watch videos about your selected model online and get a feel for what they should look like. 
  5. Photos - If you are not sure about the pair, ASK, ASK AND ASK. You can never be too careful, get the seller to send more photos or even a video, this will give you more chance to see the pair in different angles and see different aspects of the shoe. 
  6. Stock photos - DO NOT buy a pair of jordans JUST because it has a stock photo that is real, if the seller has given the shoes a ''Used'' status make sure you get the photo of the actual pair he or she is selling, stock photos show a brand new and perfectly real pair even if the seller is selling a fake copy pair. 
  7. Pricing - Make sure the pair of jordans is not SUPER Cheap. If it is then make sure you look at every detail of the shoes and make sure you are buying a real pair. 
  8. Read the description - Some sellers will not include the words ''100 Percent authentic'' This is a sign that they either do not know they are 100 percent real or they just are not, if in doubt message the seller for more info on the item. 
  9. Colourways and models - Make sure your selected pair of jordans has been released, original or retro. If you see a pair that you are not sure on, look it up on google. Most authentic colourways and models have TONNES of pictures on google, fakes do not. 
  10. Check - Do not be afraid to double check or ask a friend. Most real pairs, people know about. You can find them on youtube and in stores, examples of a real pair are models such as, Fire red 5's, toro bravo 4's, oreo 5's, olympic 6's. Just do your research, it will help a whole bunch. Never buy without knowing, I did this a while back and copped a fake pair. Always be sure. 
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