Buying Kids Clothes Second hand?

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Baby Clothes

 Every New parent will tell you the amount of clothes you get as gifts buy yourself and then never ever get chance to put you baby in them or they might wear them for an hour is well LOADS so when you want to buy your precious little bundle brand new if you are strapped for cash just think that buying second hand is not quite second hand more 'nearly new'! Babies and small children tend to grow SO fast they have grown before you get chance to wear the same outfit twice! Buying from the same seller will also save you money as they are likely to post multiple items together and save you even more money. When you find something you like and want to buy its always worth looking on ‘sells other items’ to see if anything else takes your fancy!  When you get the items and your happy give them good feedback. Also why not save this seller as a favourite of yours it’s likely that they will sell more items you will like in the future and you will be in with a chance of getting them! Good Tips for searching for items you like are to search for brands you have purchased before like ‘next’ or ‘Debenhams’

i found out about the ebay guide because im a BZZ agent :-)

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