Buying Laptops/Desktops Guide

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A short guide to buying safely :

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Buying Laptops on eBay can be a scary experience as they are high value items.
You are protected very well as a buyer so you shouldn't worry too much , but to save any hassle , Always buy from a well established seller !  . There are too many rogue sellers out there who will offer a full warranty but will disappear before the warranty ends anyway !
You should be buying of someone who has been trading actively for at least a couple of years.( The longer the better as they aren't going to vanish)( And I say actively as rogue sellers switch between different accounts all the time)
Another thing I come across is sellers advertising Laptops as `Ex-Display` , `New/Other`  that `doesn't come in original packaging`.   90% of the time these are refurbished , which there is nothing wrong with , but they should be advertised honestly ( Not a good start if the seller is lying about his products).
Items that come in plain brown boxes are mostly refurbished , but are advertised as Ex-Display to get more money , which again is fraudulent.
Hope this short guide goes someway to helping you buy a laptop.
Also one last thing I would recommend is always paying with paypal for high value items , then any issues in the future and you have some sort of protection. Where as if you have paid cash , theres nothing that can be done.
Hope this short guide , helps somebody.

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