Buying Large Cat Climbers

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Large Cat Scratchers
Look for something that will suit your needs, wither its big or large, something that your cat will love is more important
I have 2 cats so a super large Cat Climber suits my needs especially because they are indoor cats, they can jump around and waste some energy before I come home and play with them.
I also love to purchase Cat Nip, it sends my 2 cats wild for it and they absolutely love it.
When I am looking for items, I make sure its easily assembled, it will fit in the space you have for it, even try looking for some additional items, like smaller cat scratchers, remember that It is going to save your furniture getting something that your cats will use instead of your furniture.
I have previously purchased some other Cat scratchers that have suited my needs for a few years, and they have been fab, but they do get to a point where you need to either replace the rope around the spindles or buy a new item.
I sometimes find that my cat wont go near the product I have purchased for a few weeks just until they get used to the smell of the item and until they realise this item is for them to use 
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