Buying Links Of London Sweetie Bracelets On Ebay

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3 words... DONT DO IT!

Just been caught out myself and don't want it happening to anyone else.  Was guaranteed the bracelet was a 2nd hand 100% genuine, fully hallmarked links of london sweetie bracelet from The links shop at Lakeside.  As soon as i opened the box i knew it wasn't right.  Took it to swag jewellers in staines and they confirmed my thoughts, they said it was a very good copy, even had a fake hallmark!  I then took it to another jewellers where i once worked and got my old boss to acid test it for me to see what material it was and it wasn't even silver!

My best advice for anyone wanting a sweetie bracelet is not togetone from ebay, even if they have a receipt.  People will go great lengths to con you!

Save up and buy one from a reputable dealer!  The extra pounds spent are worth it as its been a complete waste of time for me buying one from ebay!

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