Buying Make Money eBooks on eBay

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Have you seen ebooks like these while browsing the items for sale on eBay?

“Think yourself thin!”

“Stop smoking now!”

“Make £200 tonight, then £100 every day!”

“Win at online poker, every time!”

“I make £1000+ per week on eBay, but I don’t sell anything!”

“Claim property for free!”

“Become a land-owner now – without paying a penny!”

“Make £100,000 selling ebooks!”

Now – these titles alone sound VERY tempting don’t they? It would be great to make all that money, or lose all that weight, or stop smoking right now – wouldn’t it? 

That is exactly what the people who sell these books want you to think. They have incredibly clever marketing tactics, and their advertisement and auction text draws you in deeper and deeper. Many sellers use N.L.P (neuro-linguistic programming)-type jargon in their auction text, while others just try to “prove” to you that their “system” really does work, by repeating the same points over and over again. I have seem some auctions with over 800 words on them!

Well, let me warn you right now -  VERY few of these eBooks will help you in any way. Most are a total con. Others have interesting information, but nothing that you couldn’t find out yourself with a little research or careful thought. 

Over the last few months, I have spent £££’s buying a LARGE selection of these ebooks – so I could see if any of them are really worth any money at all. And I hope you will be interested to read what I have to say.


Money, looking good and feeling good are important to almost everyone. Lots of people strive to have plenty of money, and have nice things. At any moment hundreds of thousands of people across the country are in gyms, working away to try and get that ever-elusive six-pack or flat tummy. There is a reason for this – there is NO magic way to make money. There is NO magic way to get fit & healthy.

If you want to improve your life, you have to work hard OR be very lucky! (Or even both!).

The sellers of these ebooks know that everyone wants an easy way forward – and they take advantage of this by trying to make you believe that there is a simple, stress-free way to get what you want, and more! They also try to take advantage of the modern day need for everything to be faster, and more readily available.

So, obviously, in an online marketplace as reputable as eBay – if you see that some information being sold, you would expect that information to be just as reputable – right? Well, there is nothing to stop people selling bad information on the internet.

So, I’m sure that you might well be thinking “I’ll check the feedback of the seller – that will give me a good idea of whether or not the ebook is any good. Won’t it?” Read on…

Feedback (and Being British…)

If you have an ebook in mind, that you want to purchase – go and take a look at it on eBay. Go to the buyer’s feedback section. It’s probably all good right? “Great information”, “Speedy delivery”, “Thank you for a great service” etc. etc.

Well, don’t forget how MOST British people behave. Imagine a scene in a restaurant:

“Your soup, Sir” Says the waiter.

“Thank you”. The waiter walks away. You dip your spoon into the soup, lift it to your mouth and taste it. It’s cold and a bit flavourless. But you carry on anyway. “It’s edible…” you think. “Not what I ordered, but it’s still soup, and they ARE busy… It’s fine… No need to make a scene!”

About ten minutes later, the waiter returns.

“Was everything alright with your starters?” he enquires.

“Oh yes, thank you, they were fine”. 

WHAT? Why did you say that? The soup was NOT what you ordered – and it was not very nice!

It’s because we have been brought up in a way that makes us happy to accept things that are not up to standard. Rather than make a scene or cause any upset, we are happy to settle for 2nd best (or worse) most of the time. I guarantee to you, that VERY few people will ever complain as long as the thing they have bought is similar to what they requested, and not a TOTAL rip-off.

On eBay – sellers are able to shield themselves from negative feedback using that very simple principle. Add to that, the fact that most buyers want to protect their own feedback (disgruntled sellers could always leave a nasty negative comment, ruining your perfect feedback score!), and the cost of the ebook is generally under £3.00, so most people decide that it is not worth complaining about.

Therefore you should NEVER rely on the comments about the ebook from the sellers feedback forum.

“I’ll just buy one and give it a go, it can’t hurt…Can it?”

If you want to buy the ebook, and just give it a try, go ahead. But be warned, many of the ebooks require you to take risks to get what you want. These ebooks will cleverly disguise the risk with nonsense language and pretty flowery words, and exciting sounding sentences. But most will have a disclaimer somewhere (in VERY small lettering). If there is a disclaimer – the authors know you are taking a risk, and could lose money (or whatever you are risking)… they just don’t want to get sued!

However, feel free to read it – if you think logically, you will see that the persuasive language, and pathetic stabs at making you feel that a dream-life awaits you at the end of the document are mostly lies or at best embellishments of the truth!

“But it seems to well written, and honest, and the author says he uses the system to make money/get land etc.”

The authors make their money in this way! They write well, and in a way that makes you feel that the information is totally bona fide and straightforward. They want you to be totally confident in the information, and the future wealth it could provide you with.

But stop and think for a moment. If these people are using these systems to make money:

1)       Why are they having to sell 50p ebooks on eBay to get by?

2)       Why on earth would they offer you the information for this little if it really worked?

3)       Why would they give you the information at all? Surely this reduces their possible profits by flooding the market etc.

It is difficult to try and answer these questions and still want to purchase the ebook – isn’t it?

Beware of guide-books too…

Some of the instructional guides seem to be very, very good. But often, they are just poorly re-written content from tangible books that you can buy from any high street bookshop. Don’t be tempted to waste a couple of quid to get 2nd-rate information on eBay when you could buy a real book (whether it be from eBay or anywhere else).

As I mentioned earlier, the authors of ebooks are trying to feed our “need for speed” by providing seemingly instant information, at a low price. Surely it would be better to go to a bookshop and read a couple of pages to check it out – rather than to buy an ebook (that may be very low quality), just for the sake of having it “within a few hours of payment”. Wouldn’t it?

That’s all folks…

I hope this information has been a useful guide to you – before you decide to buy an ebook from eBay. Please be aware, that the information I have provided here is only my personal view about the particular ebooks I have bought, read and used.

But, at the end of the day – my advice to you is: “DO NOT BUY EBOOKS”!

Any feedback you have about this guide would be greatly appreciated – please e-mail me to let me know what you think, and if you found it useful.

I am aware that many of these ebooks are copyrighted, so have not included any actual information (or my opinions of it) in this leaflet. However, if you want to ask me any questions about a particular ebook – then please feel free to email me. 

Also, if you are a reputable ebook seller – or believe yourself to be one, please contact me. I will be happy to assess your material and add it to a “safe list” on this guide.
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