Buying Maternity Clothing on a Budget

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What essentials will be needed?

While it may be tempting to buy the bear minimum maternity wear, it is worth considering that a pregnancy may span through  several seasons of weather. Maternity clothing may also be needed for a short while after the birth too. 

It is worth investing in a few key items for work and also what you may wear outside of work which may be mixed and matched:

Maternity Trousers - consider whether you will feel more comfortable with trousers that have a bump band to sit over the bump, on the bump or under the bump. 

Smart Maternity Skirt for work - consider the style and what tops you may wish to wear with this. Also will it go well with flat shoes, as guaranteed you'll be wearing flat boots or flip flops after 6-7 months.

Maternity Jeans - consider whether you will feel more comfortable with jeans that have a bump band to sit over the bump, on the bump or under the bump.

Maternity Leggings - great to wear under a dress or long shirt and so comfortable!

Maternity dresses - These are so comfortable to wear when your bump gets bigger. They are often stretchy to flatter your figure and your growing bump.

Maternity Tops - It is worth considering if you will be wearing the top simply to cover your growing bump, or if you also wish to wear it when breast feeding your baby later on. Many t-shirts and tops will expand with your growing bump, unless you are wishing to lift up your t-shirt to feed your baby, it will be ideal to invest in some tops which may be discreetly pulled down to let the baby feed. Vest tops are also comfortable to wear during the warmer months and can be worn under layers in the winter months.

Maternity Cardigan or jacket - while your trusty old cardigan will do it's job in the early days, you may wish to purchase a jacket to help cover your growing bump for the much cooler days. 

Maternity Bras - So you realise it's not only your belly that's getting bigger, but you will be likely to increase to a bra size or two.  It is worth considering if you will be wearing the maternity to simply be more comfortable during your pregnancy, or if you also wish to wear it when breast feeding your baby later on. It can be an investment to purchase nursing bras rather than maternity bras.

Maternity Swimming Costume - If you are wishing to keep fit and active by swimming during your pregnancy, then a maternity swimming costume will be essential.

How do you get all these items on a budget? Be prepared to shop around on ebay.
When searching for items look for the dress size that you would normally wear. You can review by brand, size, colour, price etc. Personally I found Next Jeans and Trousers were the most comfortable, very durable, and held themselves up on the bump. Dorothy Perkins maternity wear was pretty, comfortable and also lasted the pregnancy.

Some items may be sold as a bundle. Some items will be sold individually. Most items will start from as little as 99p. You may be lucky enough to be able to generously kit out your whole maternity wardrobe for around £20. 

After you have had the baby consider what items are in good condition, which another mum-to-be may appreciate, and which items have been exhausted. You may wish to sell on the unwanted items on ebay, which would be a lovely bargain budget buy for another mum to be.

This review has been written as part of an ebay promotion.
Happy Bidding!
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