Buying Mens Shoes /Boots on Ebay -Common scams to avoid

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There are a number of shoe sellers on ebay who like to make you the customer wait for their do they do on...

1.  They list product from a wholesalers catalog, so that it looks like they stock 1000's of lines.  Often they use library shots of the items, so fool you that they have them in stock

2.  When you place your order, they then order your item with the wholesaler - this takes approximately 4-5 days to arrive with them, then they forward onto you.

3.  When you ask them where the item is, they frequently comment that "its posted"; "royal mail / courier is delayed"; "there is a problem with the order  blah blah blah"

4.  You are left waiting for an average of 10 working days for your item to arrive...which i think is disgusting.

5.  Alot of these sellers are private individuals, presenting themselves as bona fide companies....rubbish.   They are all operating out of  a private house,  have little or no customer service skills and are certainly not paying any tax or vat....that's why they offer items for low prices, that I know for a fact the wholesalers are not happy about.

How do I know this information, well I get lots of emails from customers asking my delivery times, as they have been left waiting in the past by other sellers.

Key things to look out for:

  • look at their DSR ratings for dispatch time - its going to be around 4.0  - showing anger by customers.
  • look at any neutral / negative - you will see the customer has been given the run-around

We have taken the stance that we only sell stock that we have physically instock, all bought and paid buy and we post typically same or next day.  Don't be caught out by this con...

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