Buying Metal Heat Wrap Ties Online

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Buying Metal Heat Wrap Ties Online

There are many advanced skill sets and much esoteric knowledge involved in the repair and maintenance of a vehicle. One skill set that may seem small but is essential to the efficient operation of a motor is utilising heat wraps and metal ties. These accessories are an important part of vehicle and motorcycle maintenance. They enhance performance by controlling heat across various systems, reducing turbo lag, increasing horsepower, and shielding certain components from radiating heat.

Finding and purchasing metal ties and heat wraps online can be a simple and direct process, assuming consumers are prepped with the right information and take the best approach. This can include having a thorough understanding of the types of wraps and ties that are available and understanding their functions. It can also involve learning some of the better retail options to leverage during a search. While many online sites may offer a selection of metal heat wrap ties, very few online retailers are able to match the diversity of the selection offered by the sellers on eBay.

What Is a Metal Heat Wrap Tie?

A metal heat wrap tie is a fastening device that holds an insulating wrap around a component in a car or motorbike. The length and width of a metal tie can change from one application to the next. Average widths range from 4 mm to 7 mm. Wider ties provide a sturdier, heavier duty grip on a heat wrap. Lengths can range anywhere from 200 mm to 800 mm.

These ties feature self-locking mechanisms; one end of the tie feeds into the other end where the lock mechanism is located. These self-locking mechanisms function much like the plastic zip ties that are used with computer cables. Metal heat wrap ties can be made from several different metals, with stainless steel being the most popular. They are highly resistant to heat and can handle temperatures as high as 900 degrees Celsius or higher.

Types of Metals Used in Ties and Their Advantages

Metal ties can come in an array of materials, each with their own advantages. The following table outlines each type of metal tie and the associated characteristics that may appeal to consumers.

Metal Tie Type


Stainless Steel Ties

Heavy duty


Sturdy enough for adjusting with tensioning tools

Aluminium Ties


Ideal for smaller jobs

Good choice for tying off cables

Coated Steel Ties

Prevents corrosion

Resistant to UV damage and vibration

When shopping for metal heat wrap ties online, consumers need to consider the application and then determine which metal type can deliver the best benefit for a task. Using the features above as a general frame of reference can help guide a search.

Ways to Buy Metal Heat Wrap Ties Online

Metal heat wrap ties are often sold in bulk. Over time, even a well-placed and secure tie can loosen due to vibration and wear and tear. Many car and motorbike owners like to keep a large supply of ties on hand as a result. Ties can be found in large bulk packages, with as many as 10 or 20 ties in a bag.

Metal ties are also often sold in tandem with any one of several types of heat wraps. Understanding the types and functions of these heat wraps helps with the selection and purchasing of ties.

Types of Heat Wraps Sold with Metal Ties

A variety of heat wraps can be found online. Consumers should have a clear understanding of where and how they want to use a heat wrap and its accompanying metal ties before making a purchase.

Exhaust and Header Wraps

Heat wraps for exhausts are designed to help build horsepower in a vehicle by increasing the temperature of the exhaust. Hotter exhaust is thought to flow out of an engine more efficiently than cooler exhaust. Header wraps are used at the header tube in the engine as a protective barrier for the components around a header. Headers can reach temperatures in excess of 300 degrees Celsius. This can affect the cosmetics of an engine by degrading hot paint over time while also reducing the function of various components near the header.

Turbo Heat Shields

For consumers who have a turbocharger installed in an engine, they may experience turbo lag on occasion. Turbo heat wraps are a way to help reduce turbo lag and increase horsepower in a machine by keeping heat in. Heat wraps are also sold for hot pipes, an essential component of twin turbo systems. Many of these types of heat wraps are often sold with locking stainless steel ties included.

Coloured Heat Wraps

While wraps used on car engines are often black, there are other colours of heat wraps available. Motorcycle aficionados often like to use various colours since their components may be visible, whereas a car's engine is hidden to the casual observer. Common coloured heat wraps include natural, gold, white, and an array of bolder choices in blues, greens, and more. These choices offer consumers aesthetic as well as functional value.

Considerations When Buying Metal Heat Wrap Ties Online

Choosing the right metal tie depends on the application for which a consumer needs a metal tie. In some scenarios, sturdier and more heat-resistant ties are necessary, while in others consumers may wish to consider ease of use and aesthetics, as well. Metal ties used on an exhaust manifold within an engine, for example, typically need to be wider and stronger. Any metal tie used on a component that vibrates a lot should feature a solid grip and possibly a wider design, as well. Thinner metal ties are a better match for exhausts on a motorbike or on a turbo.

Consumers should also look into a metal tie's heat resistance. Many manufacturers list a temperature maximum for their products, and this gives consumers a good idea of a metal tie's performance capabilities. Consumers may also wish to take corrosion and rust issues into consideration. If a tie is meant for a component that is prone to rusting, it is important to look for a solution that can withstand these conditions.

Consulting with Sellers When Purchasing Metal Ties Online

During the online shopping process, consumers can benefit from making the effort to communicate with sellers. Vendors of automotive and motorcycle parts often have specific and esoteric knowledge of the applications of their products. Sellers can provide some guidance as to the weight and width of a tie needed for a specific component, for example. When shopping online, consumers should take the time to ask any and all questions they have to determine the viability of a product before purchase. If a product does not line up with a consumer's needs, a seller may have other products that a consumer may be interested in buying. It is important to take full advantage of the opportunity to access a specialist's knowledge to ensure the best end result.

Buying Metal Heat Wrap Ties on eBay

Many online shoppers enjoy the wide variety of options available on the retail site eBay. This site aggregates numerous sellers, so consumers gain access to one of the more diverse catalogues of items available on the Internet. The search also extends a user-friendly search interface to visitors. When you visit the site, look for the search box on the page. You can use this search box to enter a search term for the type of metal tie or heat wrap/metal tie combo you are trying to find.

Evaluating Sellers on eBay

When your search pulls up all the listings related to your keyword term, you can begin looking in detail at any listings that seem relevant or appealing. During this part of the purchasing process, you can also take a moment to communicate with and evaluate a seller. Ask the seller any questions you have regarding your product choice. You should also review a seller's feedback and past listings. All of this can help you decide if a seller is going to provide you with the most serviceable product for your needs.


Metal ties and heat wraps are useful accessories that every car and motorbike aficionado should have on hand. These holders and insulators deliver a wide range of benefits to an engine's performance, whether it is by keeping heat in or protecting nearby components of an engine from heat. Metal ties, in particular, are convenient and easy devices to use, and they come in an array of widths, lengths, and materials.

Looking for and purchasing either of these items can easily be done online. Consumers who initiate an online purchasing process for these engine accessories should first learn about the various types of items that are available and which components these items serve best. They should also consider what performance advantage they hope to get out of adding a heat wrap and metal tie to a component. By also communicating with a seller and accessing diverse online catalogues, such as eBay, consumers can shop online to find the kind of useful metal ties and insulators they need to optimise their engine's power and endurance.

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