Buying Mobile Phone Batteries on EBAY

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Arrr.... so you see a mobile phone battery for only 99p including P&P.... thats what I did!
Silly me... you get what you pay for.

These ultra cheap mobile phone batteries are absolute rubbish.

Maybe you think like I did, "for 99p must be worth a risk"... oh dear. better to think "at 99p must be rubbish".

Original mobile phone batteries are expensive for a reason.
 They are high quality items.
If you do get one of the cheap ones make sure you compare the weight with the old one.
You will find that the cheap one will weigh less that the original.
This is because it uses really poor materials, sometimes so poor that it will just about hold a charge for seconds.

Probably someone has already written a guide for these, but may be not.

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