Buying Motorcycle Brake Pads

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A problem when buying brake pads for you motorcycle through ebay is that many manufacturers use the same brake pad for many different bikes.

This causes an issue for sellers as there is not enough space to list all these applications in the item title so if you are searching for brake pads for your motorcycle using the manufacturer name and model of the bike you may not find any brake pads. Most brake pads for sale on ebay will be listed under a brake pad manufacturer part number, for example EBC use part numbers such as FA followed by a series of numbers.

My advice to buyers is to research which brake manufacturers part number is right for your motorcycle (this can be checked by going to a website such as "ebcbrakesdirect" and entering your bike specific details which in turn will supply you with the appropriate part number! Enter this part number into a search on ebay and hey presto! You might find the brake pads you need! 

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