Buying New Netgear products.

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After my recent experience, I believe that we should all be aware of the guarantee pitfalls when buying "New" Netgear products.

I've had a wireless network at home for around 10+ years but recently due to a house move ended up misplacing my USB wireless network adapter. This was a Belkin and had worked fine for a number of years but rather than search through a load of boxes I bought a nice new Netgear WN111 Wireless N Adapter to match my Netgear router.

As with my other Netgear products I went online to register it but the registration site wouldn't let me. So as instructed I contacted Netgear support and was told that as the unit was manufactured in May 2008 it was not supported by Netgear!  This was news to me, OK the unit maybe just over 2 years old but I bought it brand new, (July 2010) and would expect some sort of support from Netgear, but no, it seems if its over 1 year old from manufacture, (that is what the support agent said!) then forget about any guarantee support from Netgear.

So if you are buying any Netgear products then you need to ascertain when it was manufactured to have any product guarantee. 

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