Buying PC Games on eBay

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This, hopefully in depth guide will help you, and others to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing a PC game off eBay.

Firstly, PC games are for PC and nothing else (so try not to put it in your stereo or Xbox)
You can use the disks for coasters or throwing at people, but it’s advised you just use them as they are intended!

One of the most important things to consider when you come to buying your PC game is “Will it run on my PC?”
Accordingly there are several aspects to consider:

Operating System:
Most people are on Windows 98, XP or the new VISTA! There are however some older ones such as, 95, ME, NT and 2000 but are very rare now a-days.

Graphics Card:
Now you know if you have the right operating system, do you have a good enough graphics card? Check which graphics card you have (available on your PC or documentation when you purchased the system) and see if you meet or exceed the requirements needed. By rule of thumb, the higher the number of your card, the better the performance!

RAM is essential for PC’s nowadays as the more ram you have the more tasks you can do and faster they will be! The newer games being released need 2GB (or 2054MB) of RAM. Good thing is…they are a cheap as chips!

Another case of bigger the number, greater the power. The newer games of today use GHz as apposed to MHz years and years ago. (A GHz is better than a MHz) One of the most common processors is the Intel Pentium. I would recommend a processor of 3.0GHz for games of today. (A nice quad core 3.6 Xenon would be perrrfect, but costs a lot)

Sound Card:
Honestly you don’t NEED anything too fancy, so I wouldn’t bother about it unless you are a hardcore gamer.

Hard Drive:
Of course! Space for the game to install! Make sure you have enough space, and if not make some. Remember 1GB is about 1,000 MB

Disk Drive:
2 Major types of disk drives…DVD and CD. Most if not all DVD drives can play CD’s too, and most PC’s come with a DVD drive. However, if you have a CD drive, and you buy a game that requires a DVD drive, then you have just wasted your money because there is no chance of it working.

All GOOD sellers will provide you with this information in the listing. It’s called “System Requirements” and you must meet or exceed these for the game to run properly. If these requirements are not displayed it may be best not to risk it and instead, try a different game or find the info from a different seller.

I would advise that when you do go to buy a game, you stick with NEW games.
Disks can easily become scratched and damaged. You computer will struggle to read them and it may not work.

Buy the real authentic and genuine game.
How can you tell? To be on the safe side most, if not all genuine games will be sealed in plastic, in a DVD/CD Jewel case style box and have proper cover art (not a cheap photocopy).
Fake games can originate from anywhere but usually from Thailand, China or the Far East in general.

Please use your discretion if you have fears of buying fakes.
Check the seller’s feedback! If fake is mentioned several times, then walk away!)
Check the price and ask your self “Should this game REALLY this cheap?”

A lot (but not all) sellers like to also over charge on postage…a lot.
First class delivery of a PC game that weighs between 150 and 200 Grams (the average game) costs, in stamps 78p.
Take that into consideration when you buy your game. Just because the price may be low, their postage may be high, and when you work it out, other sellers may be cheaper.
(Just a note if you think my postage is a lot, a standard 150-200gram letter to the UK from Guernsey costs £1.16 in stamps)

I hope this will help you in the future when you go to buy your next PC game.

Check it works with your PC.
Check it’s genuine.
Try and stick with new games if you can afford it.
Check the seller has a good reputation.




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