Buying Photoshop / Software on eBay SCAM! BUYER BEWARE!

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STOP! Before you purchase ANY software on eBay auctions, PLEASE READ THIS!

We lost 125GBP buying software on eBay to a total SCAM.


The Scam

A few months ago we purchased Adobe Photoshop CS2 from what appeared to be a reputable eBay seller. Their feedback was 100% and each customer explained that their packages were EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED. So we thought we'd save a little and went ahead and purchased one. Upon receipt everything looked good! Shrink wrapped and all. Installed it on a desktop- no problems! Activated with no snags. THEN, we proceeded to install it on a notebook. Here's where we find out why we got such a good deal. Adobe allows PSCS2 to be installed on up to (2) computers. When using the activation code on the notebook, it FAILED. At this point we didn't think anything of it, but the on-screen information instructed us to call Adobe directly. So we did. We were informed by Adobe that the activation code we had entered is STOLEN and being used by MULTIPLE USERS!! Shocked, I asked how is that possible if we purchased it BRAND NEW!? Their representative's first question was if we bought the software on eBay. UH-OH. Apparently sellers are able to access the activation codes within the box because they are printed on the OUTSIDE of the disc case. As for the shrink wrapping on the outside of the box? Heat gun and plastic wrap. UNBELIEVABLE. Adobe then further instructed us that there was nothing they could do about it and we were out 125GBP. The seller had such positive feedback because buyers were leaving feedback either right when they saw that the package was sealed or after the FIRST install. Some users don't even know you're allowed (2) installs. What a shame.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Sometimes eBay is the only place you can find older versions of software that work just as good as the newer versions. So if you MUST buy software on eBay here are a few tips :

1) * MOST IMPORTANT!  Contact past buyers. Ask them if they've actually "fully installed" it on their computers.
2)  Make sure to keep constant communication with the seller- ask if they can guarantee it's BRAND new. Make sure you know their return policy
3) Remember FEEDBACK MEANS NOTHING in this case.
4) and of course...Sometimes your local electronics store is the only sure bet.

Please keep in mind not all eBay software sellers are being dishonest but we hope you will be a little more careful buying it now.We hope this guide will save someone from getting scammed which means saving some money. If after reading this guide you feel like you might know someone who would benefit from this, or if it has helped you in any way, please vote "YES" at the bottom of this page so we can put an END TO SOFTWARE SCAMMERS. They are making a KILLING doing these illegal practices. They make trading on eBay an UNSAFE place. Thank you for your time for looking into a little-known eBay problem.
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